The Triple B

1 Apr 2010

The part where Ebert starts bashing Nicholas Sparks is hilarious.

22 Mar 2010

This quote isn’t the focus of the article, but it still gets to me:

Cyrus confesses that, well, she never finished the novel, originally published in hardcover last September. “With the book, I’ve only gotten through part of The Last Song,” Cyrus says sheepishly.

Given the fact that this book was written just so she could be the star of the movie adaptation, that doesn’t seem quite right to me. I know she’s busy and evrything, but if Nicholas Sparks writes a novel for you, you should probably read it. Just sayin’. Nicholas Sparks gets his revenge, though:

Sparks feigns being stricken, but then says: “I don’t know if I ever watched a Hannah Montana show. … Nothing personal. My daughters do every day.”

Touche, Sparks. But was Hannah Montana written specifically for you to further your career? Didn’t think so, Nick.